Meet Eric~


I have many years of remodeling and remodeling related business experience starting in 1980. I'm a self-taught nitpicker who loves the idea of building things that last, and what is absolutely possible "when you simply decide to do it".


I specialize in custom one of a kind closet systems, office spaces, pantries, storage shelves, and garage systems. No one beats my quality. Additionally my many years of experience in the remodeling industry has taught me a great many lessons about the best way to design things.

Nothing I do is rocket science, just good old-fashioned experience. Somthing sales people just do not have.


Most importantly, I like doing this work.

Thank you for taking the time to consider EricThe Closet Guy!


  We found Eric's info on Craigslist. We were not sure how it would turn out since we directly hired him without any references, and we had no idea of what kind of closets we wanted. We just knew that we needed to get more "space" in our master bedroom, one office room, and hallway closets. Eric quickly drew up several ideas, and showed us the types of things that could be done to create space. We were surprised to learn that there are ways to replace the stock Home Depot style closets with more durable, functional and better looking custom closets without giving up an arm and leg that most home organizers want.

His choice of materials, attention to detail, and workmanship are excellent. We are very happy with Eric's work, and would love to get more work done by him in future.
Subbu A.

Redmond, WA